Identifying Energy Problems


How to Prevent Damage to Your Sidewalk When Planting a Tree Nearby

Planting trees near your sidewalks adds beauty and can increase your property value. Doing so also provides pedestrians with shade. The downside is that tree roots are a major hazard to sidewalks—roots that grow underneath your sidewalk can push up the slabs, breaking them and making your sidewalk dangerous to walk on. The usual solution to fix a sidewalk that has bee

What You Need To Know About Home Solar Electricity

Making the switch to home solar electricity can be appealing, especially to folks who live in regions that get a lot of sunlight each year. There's plenty more to the job, though, than just doing a solar panel installation. If you're thinking about solar as an option, you'll want to pay some mind to these three potential issues. Available Light Using home solar electr

3 Reasons To Recycle The Used Cooking Oil From Your Commercial Kitchen

Used cooking oil might be something that you have a whole lot of in your commercial kitchen. If this is the case, you might find yourself wondering about what you should be doing with it. You obviously shouldn't pour it down the drain, since this can cause serious plumbing clogs. You may not be able to throw it in your garage dumpster, either, depending on the rules i

Is A Big Storm Heading Your Way? 4 Reasons You Need To Have A Dumpster Delivered Right Now

If there's been a weather warning issued for your area, and you're expecting a disastrous storm, it's time to start preparing. In addition to the food, water, and other provisions you need to gather, you should also be gathering items that will help you take care of the cleanup afterward. With that in mind, now is the time to call and have a dumpster delivered to your