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Recommendations For A Dumpster Rental In Your Cleanup Project

Home and yard clean up can be a real drag, but leaving the trash, accumulation of debris and construction refuse can be an eyesore to your home and property. So when you have a clean-up project for your home or yard, a dumpster rental makes the ever-essential clean up an easy process. This information provides you with some details to help you plan for and complete a property clean-up with a dumpster rental.

Evaluate Your Needs

Instead of allowing debris and trash to fill up your property, your responsibility in its clean-up only requires you to order a dumpster that you can load it all into. When you order a dumpster rental, you don't have to worry about driving your pick-up or trailer filled with trash to a local landfill, as the dumpster delivery driver will complete the pickup for you when all is cleaned up. 

However, be sure you measure how much waste you have so you can order the right size dumpster. A roll-off dumpster comes in a variety of sizes, usually based on yardage, so talk to the rental associate about their sizing. If you are not sure of the right size, ask to have a professional evaluation of your property to find out the size of the dumpster you will need. You may also want to ask about a dumpster rental where you will be charged only by the refuse weight at the end of the fill. This helps you to maximize the rental's capacity by only getting charged for what you use.

Place the Dumpster Accurately

The location of your dumpster's delivery should be determined before your rental arrives at your property. If you are using the dumpster at your personal property, be sure you evaluate your yard and home in relation to where you will be removing debris for disposal to make it most convenient to use and access the dumpster. 

For example, if you are using a dumpster to fill with construction and demolition debris from inside your home, place it close to your home's entrance with the dumpster's access door, if it has one, closest to the home's door. Or if you are completing a roof replacement, look at placing your dumpster just below the edge of your roof so you or the roofers can just push the debris down and off the side of the roof and into the dumpster. This will minimize the amount of debris that gets scattered all over your yard and into your lawn and shrubbery. 

However, be sure you also consider the dumpster's delivery when you choose a placement position. Look at the size of the truck delivering the dumpster if you are asking the driver to maneuver down a tight alleyway to your backyard driveway. If there are any overhead power lines, check with the delivery driver's clearance needs so they can pull into the area without causing power line damage.