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3 Reasons To Recycle The Used Cooking Oil From Your Commercial Kitchen

Used cooking oil might be something that you have a whole lot of in your commercial kitchen. If this is the case, you might find yourself wondering about what you should be doing with it. You obviously shouldn't pour it down the drain, since this can cause serious plumbing clogs. You may not be able to throw it in your garage dumpster, either, depending on the rules in your area and the restrictions from the company that comes and empties your dumpster. There are a few methods of getting rid of it, but one ideal option is to recycle it. It's the ideal choice for commercial kitchens for these reasons and more.

1. It Helps You Keep Your Grease Traps Clean

Letting your grease traps get full can cause a lot of problems. Then, you won't be able to handle the additional grease that is produced in your business, and you have to worry about odors, clogs, and backups. If you know that you have a good option for getting rid of your cooking oil, such as recycling it, then you might be more likely to have your grease trap cleaned more often.

2. It's the Eco-Friendly Choice

When you dispose of the used cooking oil from your commercial kitchen, you probably want to make sure that you're making eco-friendly choices. Of course, there are a lot of methods of disposal that can be harmful to the environment. Recycling, of course, is going to be the most eco-friendly choice. Knowing that you're handling the used grease from your restaurant in an eco-friendly way will help you feel good about how you run your restaurant. Plus, it's a great selling point that you can tell your customers about. Those who care about the environment and who choose to patronize restaurants and other businesses that make eco-friendly choices might want to visit your restaurant even more because of this decision.

3. You Can Make Money

You probably see your used cooking oil as being a nuisance that you want to get rid of. However, there are companies that will not just take it off of your hands; they will also pay you for it. This is because used cooking oil is actually somewhat valuable since it can be turned into methane gas. Methane gas can be used for everything from powering trucks to providing light sources in buildings. By selling your cooking oil, you'll have some money to put toward buying new cooking oil to use in your commercial kitchen.

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